Defined by Precision


  • 2020

    Certificate of Gyeongbuk Pride Company (November 23)

    Established the advanced system of automatic processing of smart plant (MES)

  • 2019

    Safety and health management system certification (ISO45001)

    Achieved sales of 1 billion won for medical instrument mold

    Developed the hair implant mold

    Developed the laparoscopic trocar mold

  • 2018

    Registered trademark of “Calpha”, a carbon composite material

    Developed CFRP Briefcase & thermal camp chair

    Developed CFRP lightweight OBC cover (MOTIE)

    Developed the drip chamber mold (Sungwon Medical)

    Developed the trocar mold (EROP)

    Developed the automatic hair implanter (Odae Medical)

    Signed a contract with SJ Tech VINA (Vietnam)

  • 2017

    Developed the light RTM mold (Ministry of Trade and Industry)

    Developed the CFRP power bank (Ministry of Trade and Industry)

    Developed the 3way set mold (Sungwon Medical)

  • 2016

    Developed the switch for monitoring CNC processing machine (Small and Medium Business Administration)

    Developed the injection mold of catheter handler (Ministry of Trade and Industry)

    Acquired the ISO 13485 certification / Received the Million Dollar Export Tower Award

  • 2015

    Selected as a root technology company / Conducted the 3D printing mock-up product

    Conducted the study of MES process development

    Signed a contract with Jangwon VINA (Vietnam)

  • 2014

    Established a local corporation in Vietnam (mold/injection)

    Established a branch in Gumi (mold/injection)

  • 2009

    Expanded the mold production site / Acquired the INNOBIZ certification as a small and medium business

  • 2008

    Established an affiliated research institute

    Certified as a company specialized in parts and materials

  • 2007

    Registered patent for mold gate cutter

    Registered utility model for the mold gate cutter

  • 2006

    Acquired the certifications of ISO9001/14001 for quality/environment management system

  • 2005

    Seungwoo Co., Ltd changed to a corporation

    Achieved 3 billion won sales in mobile phone mold

  • 1997

    Established Seungwoo Precision

    Registered as the primary partner of Samsung Electronics